Welcome to the start of forever!

Hello and welcome lovely couples!!

I'm the girl that loves a good aesthetic from designing collages and moodboards, to watching dreamy wedding days melt together in gorgeous romantic harmony. I've been doing wedding photography for the past 3 years and am continuing to fall in love with capturing romance and true joy for every couple I meet.

Now, if you're reading this you are most likely a bride or groom looking for your dream photographer that captures your day in effortless imagery that makes you feel and look amazing. I love to capture the raw emotions of your day from afar as well as give you stunning editorial moments to show of your (brides) those insanely amazing dresses, and (grooms) those handsome spiffy tuxes.

If you're someone who..

  • wants your romance and effortless love to be captured in a similar way to how it feels
  • wants every emotion of the day to speak through your images
  • loves light and elegant imagery that showcases all the real and raw moments + alongside the thoughtful details of your dreamed up day
  • and truly wants to really experience your wedding day and get slow moments with your new husband/wife while I sneak a few photos

You're in the right place, and i'm so excited for you. I will never get tired of talking about how cool photography is that we can quite literally freeze moments in time and hold them so close to us forever and ever.


"We really liked how kind and easy you were to talk to. It made the whole process very fun and easy, we also loved how you captured many moments between our family & friends when we weren’t around!"


I. Let's be Friends

First up, I'd love to get to know you and

your fiance more. We can grab coffee or make it as simple as a phone call. You are both not just clients to me and I mean that. Creating true relationships is truly so important to me and I'd love to hear more about what you're looking for to see if we're a match made in heaven.



II. Agreement + Deposit

Once we figure out we've basically been best friends our whole life. I'll send over my official contract, and an invoice for you to go over. Once signed, and I receive your deposit, you've officially booked your wedding photography! Relieved?! Now we get to start all of the fun planning!!



IIi. engagement session

Time for your first LDP photo experience! I seriously love engagement sessions and showing off those beautiful sparkly rings. We'll work together to schedule and plan the perfect session for you two to remember such a joyful and exciting step in your lives together.

Iv. questionnaire

About 3 months out from your date I'll send over your wedding questionnaire. This will essentially be a huge key for all the photos you want, as well as important contact info I may need throughout the day.

v. Timeline + Meeting

One month out from your date we will have our last meeting. In this meeting together we will create a unique timeline to organize your day. This is the best way for me to help keep track of time and know exactly when what photos are happening! I am huge on organization so this part is so satisfying.

vi. wedding day

We made it! Time to celebrate and watch all of the hard work + planning come together. A few days after your special day I'll send over some sneak peaks before delivering your gallery on your 1 month anniversary!






As being apart of your day I am here to help you look and feel amazing in front of the camera. It can be a scary thing, however you are at your best self when you are comfortable and feel beautiful. I am here to support you, hype you up and make you feel absolutely amazing, because let's be real you are and you should never forget it. Especially on your wedding day!

On a wedding day I love watching the intimate raw moments unfold and will step back for things like first looks, the ceremony, dances, and the best parts of your day. When needed I'll give posing directions for you and your partner during things like couples, bridal party, and family photos. This is my way to ensure we're getting the best light to make you shine and create beautiful moments through a touch or kiss.

My signature wedding package features 24 hour sneak peaks, and a post wedding blog giving you a mini collection of images surrounding your day!





I believe from the moment you know you want to work together, I want you to know how celebrated you should feel! Being engaged is such an exciting and romantic time in life. It's a season of life where you're growing individually and growing even stronger before you become united as one for the rest of your lives. This can be the season of life that feels the most stressful, little disagreements seem to come about, and you just want to teleport to your wedding day.

But I actually encourage you to delight in the stress even more and slow down with an engagement session. This is the time in life where you get to plan your wedding!!! You and your love's wedding day! And how sweet is it to take a break, dress up with your fiance and have a little photo session date night. Basically, what I'm saying is you get a few hours of uninterrupted time with your soon to be husband/wife and get to hug them, be kissed, and spend time together on top of getting gorgeous imagery.

I offer an engagement session not only to give you even more gorgeous photos to capture your memories, but to give you another reason to slow down and take in every step of the process!


“He who finds a [true and faithful] wife finds a good thing And obtains favor and approval from the LORD.”